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Tata Motors EV Subscription

Tata Motors EV Subscription is a smarter way of accessing a brand new Nexon EV, without the hassles of traditional vehicle ownership such as insurance renewals, servicing and maintenance.

It offers you a smarter, affordable and convenient way of accessing personal Nexon EV at a price cheaper than traditional car EMIs. You can drive away with a Nexon EV with zero down-payment, insurance, service and maintenance, road tax and registration. The subscription package also gets you a complimentary personal EV charger box for charging your Nexon EV after your drive.

The program offers you a flexibility to get a Nexon EV for as minimum as 12 months and maximum of 36 months. Subscribe it and enjoy driving smooth, silent and green Nexon EV   by paying a flat monthly fee for the tenure selected by you. You can exit the Subscription any time during the tenure by giving 1 months notice and by paying the pre-termination charges.

At the end of the selected tenure, you can end the subscription by returning the car, extend the subscription or explore possibility of ownership/buyback of the car.


nexon ev car front view
  • Register & Book your Subscription Online

    Register & Subscribe your Nexon EV online by submiting documents & paying nominal security deposit

  • Relax while we set up your Charger

    We will setup your personal EV charger at your parking

  • Receive at your Doorstep

    Your Nexon EV will be delivered at your doorstep

  • Drive the lightning with Nexon EV

    Experience the hassle-free drive of smooth & silent Nexon EV with doorstep service

  • Extend, Return or Own it

    Hassle-free extension, return at the end of your tenure or anytime during it (pre-termination charges will apply on early termination). You can also approach our partner to check on possible option to buyback

  • Subscribe Now